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Any ewe used in an AI program should have excellent breed characteristics and be structurally sound. Only ewes with above average production records should be considered for AI. Normally, only the top 30% of your ewe flock would be considered. Producers who are enrolled in NSIP have an advantage in selecting the genetically superior ewes in their flock.

leicestersReproductively, the ideal ewe has lambed at least one time and successfully reared all lambs born. It is also important that she conceived during the first 18 days of the breeding season, which indicates that she is highly fertile. Ewes with a history of lambing late should not be considered for an AI program because this is an indicator of low ewe fertility.

Ewe prolificacy is extremely important to the profitability of any sheep enterprise. Therefore, it should not be overlooked when selecting ewes for an AI program. When mature ewes are being considered for AI, the ewe's lifetime lambs born and percent lambs weaned should be considered. If mature ewes have any daughters in the flock, their lambing records should also be taken into consideration. Remember - the object of any breeding program is not only to get the ewe pregnant but also to wean a high percentage of the lambs. Ewes that gave birth and raised multiple lambs their first production year are excellent candidates for AI as long as their progeny are of superior quality.

If a flock is making genetic progress, the younger ewes in the flock will be superior to the older ewes. By selecting younger ewes to AI, the producer will be decreasing the flock's generation interval. Generally, shorter generation intervals result in faster genetic improvement. Some producers choose to AI maiden ewes, realizing that their conception rate will most likely be lower but they are willing to take the chance in order to make faster genetic gains. This is especially true in a breed upgrading such as the Dorper, Texel and Wensleydale breeds offer.

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